8/16/17 Improvement Project Update:

The assessment is approved, the loan is secured, the contract is signed, and the work is underway! A huge thank you from the board for your ongoing support. We are excited to bring you an update of what you can expect in the coming days and weeks as part of our capital improvements project. Please read this detailed notice carefully and share as appropriate.

The scope of our current project includes extensive improvements to the exterior and interior common areas of each building. Depending on the timeliness of special assessment collections, we have additional work planned for 2018 to include landscaping, attic insulation and more. Our contractors and the board are eager to get the work finished quickly in order to minimize the disruption to you and your neighbors. In order to be finished before the holiday season, we have an aggressive work schedule planned. Here are some other important points relative to this project:

  • Working hours throughout the project should not exceed 7:00AM-7:00PM Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM on weekends. You will likely also see and hear activity throughout the Labor Day holiday, so please plan accordingly.

  • A self-contained wash out station will be located in the rear courtyard. A construction dumpster and porta-jon will be placed at the Fenton Place end of the garages, temporarily eliminating that parking space.

  • Window screens are being removed as soon as work begins. Additional information will soon be available for replacing window screens. Once screens are removed, a full exterior pressure washing will occur, followed by wood repair and painting.

  • Our contractor will be removing all lockboxes attached to exterior doors and railings throughout the property. If you have a lockbox you wish to keep, it will need to be removed immediately. The exact date of lockbox cutting/removal is unknown. Additionally, any personal/decorative items outside your unit will need to be removed. Items not removed may be damaged or discarded without additional notice.

  • Most unit entry doors are going to be sanded before they are painted. This will be noisy inside your unit. Notice will be provided in each stairwell before work begins.

  • Mecklenburg Roofing will need to coordinate with every resident to paint the edge of your unit entry door(s) on one of three days later in September/October. If you are unable to make arrangements to be home one of those three days, your door will be painted but its edges will not. We will keep a small supply of door paint available to owners for touch ups.