A Rich History:
Charlotte's Finest Apartment Homes 


The Story of Alson Court

The story of Alson Court begins with the development of the Eastover neighborhood. Like nearby Myers Park, Eastover was envisioned as a neighborhood for Charlotte’s industrialist, financiers, and businessmen. Unlike Myers Park, Eastover’s plans did not include previsions for street car service – making it Charlotte’s first automobile neighborhood. In 1927, the E.C. Griffith Company began laying the first roads in Eastover – Colville Road and Fenton Place. These roads would become the boundaries of Alson Court.

In 1930, Alson Llyod Goode, a local general contractor and real estate developer, built his home in Eastover. The home, located at 165 Cherokee Road, is a few blocks from Alson Court. Goode had made a name for himself with the construction of First Baptist Church (now Spirit Square) in downtown Charlotte. His company also built and operated many apartment buildings throughout the Southeast.

In 1938, as the country was climbing out of the Great Depression, Goode commisioned Washington, D.C. architect Raymond C. Snow to design what he envisioned as “the Carolinas’ most beautiful apartments.” Each apartment unit was designed to allow for cross ventilation – a must in the days before air conditioning. In addition, the property contained twenty-four detached garages, reflecting the growing status of the automobile in American life.

Backed by the then newly created Federal Housing Administration, construction on Alson Court began around March 16, 1939. In a reflection of the plentiful labor market, Alson Court officially opened for public inspection on Sunday, August 20, 1939. – a mere five months after construction began. The first residents moved in shortly after.

During the first sixty-one years of its life, the Goode family and company continued to own and operate Alson Court. In 1996, the Goodes decided to convert Alson Court from apartments to a condominiums. This conversion allowed others to own a piece of Charlotte history. As part of this conversion, the building was renovated to meet modern standards. On June 7, 1996 the first unit was sold and Alson Court begin the second phase of its life.

Today Alson Court is one of the oldest multifamily complexes in Charlotte.

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