Pet Policy

Alson Court permits ownership of pets under the following rules and conditions. The goal of this policy is to encourage neighborly and responsible behavior by pet owners. Owners are held responsible for properly managing, training, and supervising their pets.

6.1 – Two pets per Unit may be kept. Only pets commonly accepted as household pets are permitted. (Declaration 8.3)
6.2 – Each pet may weigh no more than 50 pounds. (Declaration 8.3)
6.3 – Pets may not be kept or bred for any commercial purpose. (Declaration 8.3)
6.4 – Pets must be on a leash when outside of the Units. (Declaration 8.3)
6.5 – Owners are responsible for cleaning up any mess that the pet creates. (Declaration 8.9)
6.6 – Pets are to be fed in the Unit. Pet food may not be left in any common areas – indoors or outdoors. Doing so invites rodents. (Declaration 8.8)
6.7 – Each Owner with one or more pets at Alson Court is required to register their pets, using a Board approved form, with the Association and to renew such information by January 31st of each subsequent year. Additionally, owners are required to register their tenant’s pets. (Declaration 8.3)
6.8- Bona fide service animals pursuant to state or federal law are exempt from section 6.2 provided that owner presents documentation showing that the pet is a service animal. A copy of the animal’s NC DHS service animal tag or a letter from a licensed doctor or mental health professional stating the animal is prescribed for the treatment of a disability shall satisfy this requirement.

Alson Court Pet Registration Form